Friday, May 2, 2014

NCTS Students Explore J. Everett Light Career Center CTE Classes

NCTS MYP unit question:  
How will I explore my world?

Check out some of the fun projects students are developing as they explore JELCC CTE classes during their NCTS career planning class:

"The Visual Design class has a chill vibe. I like it because I get to be creative. I got to design and make my own t-shirt. I want to take this class so I can be creative while I am at school." --Saleeth

"In Computer Repair, I got to dissect a computer and learn about the parts inside of it. I learned a lot; and now, I have more questions about things I want to continue to learn. For example, I want to learn more about the G3 back up disc." -Phebra 

"I like the fact that Culinary Arts is the type of class that gives us hands-on learning experiences. Also, you get to eat what you cook. I want to be a chef, so this is a class I will take while I am in high school."-Raven 

"Animation & Film is a good class for me because I like to be creative, and I want to make movies when I get older.  In this class, I got to learn how to edit sound and film. It was actually a lot of fun to learn about everything that goes into making a movie." -Rodney 

"Welding is hard but fun. I have always wanted to try welding, ever since Mrs. Cooper took us on a tour of the welding class during summer school. I am enjoying learning something new " -Asia 

"The Early Childhood Education class is important because we learn about how to take care of children.  I also like that I can take a break from reality and play with the kids. It's a lot of fun." -Victoria 

"My goal is to open up my own salon, so this Cosmetology class is an important class for me 
to take during high school." -Mychaela 

"Music & Sound is a good class for me because I want to be a musician. I like making beats and music.  I have learned a lot in this class. I plan to take this class during my junior and senior years." -Marcus

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


NCTS MYP unit question:  
How do my choices influence my future?

NCTS students researched their career choices. Based on their research, students made plans to begin taking steps in high school that will help them achieve their career goals. To be inspired by students' career choices and high school plans, check out their research papers below: 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guest Speaker: Mr. Tom Oestreich, Director of Human Resources

Mr. Tom Oestreich, Director of Human Resources for MSDWT, provided NCTS students tips and advice for landing the jobs of their dreams.  

Mr. Oestreich's message directly related to the NCTS MYP unit question:  
How do my choices influence my future?
His advice inspired students to think about how they will prepare for their future interviews. 

"When I watched Jodeci's mock interview, I learned that you never want to give one word answers, 
like yes or no.  Jodeci always explained her answers, and Mr. Oestreich said that was good." -Yemi

"During the mock interview, Mr. Oestreich asked me some questions that I wasn't prepared for.  
This made me realize that it is important to rehearse questions and answers." -Cameron

"Mr. Oestreich really stressed that we need to make a good first impression. 
I think I need to be careful about the way I talk and how I dress when I am in an interview." -Victoria

"I learned that I should research the company that I am interviewing for by going on-line and doing a 
Google search. This lesson was good because it relates to real life."  -Jodeci

"Mr. Oestreich talked about the importance of a firm hand shake, and he told me that 
I have a good handshake." -Trenton